being me

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This is me, exploring the abstract and surreal sides of life, death and whatever’s in between. I feel too much, fear too much, hide too often beneath my skin often wishing the night would swallow me whole.

I feel safest in winter, closest to water, a sylph of the shadows.

Poetry, music, photography, the erotic, the passionate, the sensual stir stirs often, sometimes unsettling, sometimes inspiring.

My Deathless Shadows are here for you to spend time with if you want. I’m here too, even when I’m not, I leave a trail of blood, loss and tears in poem, verse and quiet lines, images, imaginings for you to wander, sit with, stare into, reflect, recollect, reject.

Writing’s a compulsion, an addiction, bringing something to life from nothing.

Flawed, scarred and more than a bit nerdy, every day’s a joy, a terror, a surprise, an anxiety. I’m flesh and blood, arms and legs, head and heart, teeth and nails, heart and mind, drunk on emotion, guided by fallen angels, feeding insatiable desires.

This is me, real and up close, a pixel pixie sitting on your screen: be kind.

~Emma ~x


  1. You are a amazing writer dear Emma. Please keep writing. Our world need prettier and better things to think about. A good book, a worthwhile poem can steal us away to a better place.

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    1. thank you John, I try my best and love writing, seeing words change shape before my eyes and letting them take me wherever they go that day 🙂

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