will not wish

I will not wish the days away
or let them fade without a chance
without a second glance
a third and even fourth,
before the calendar reclaims them,
takes them back into its folds
to be replaced
and replaced again
and far too soon forgotten,
distant as our memories
can easily become
smothered by the new
tempted by the novel
even though once they were too
before their wrinkles accrued
to gather stories upon stories
that one day might be told,
hold them close
while they last
and closer still
their delicate refrains
their echoes and their whispers,
their shadows that remain
as so easily they’ll slip
through careless clumsy fingers,
let the days have their day
they’ve come too far
and seen to much
to be so soon discarded,
stop your fears
and your impatience
trampling their graves.

© Emma Calder

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