to take

to take this embrace
of memories and lace
tease a sense of otherness
that comes from this caress. 

making a thought
from cinders and ash
maybe it will be my last
grinding all the memories past.

to take this love
too close to the sun
wrapping my arms tight
around a disappearing light.

waking to dark
covet silence stark
if I don’t move and stay stock still
then maybe I won’t feel the chill.

to take this wish
knowing that I miss
those who left these spaces
now framed with vacant faces.

breaking this heart
muscles cleaved apart
slow the flow of blood on skin
a look that grows pallidly thin.

to take this fear
wrap it up in muslin sheer
keep it in the bottom drawer
away from those who might abhor.

staking a claim
I’ll try not to maim
the shreds of this emotion
that falls to earth like stone.

to take this kiss
and seal it with a wish
nothing more than wisps
seem to brush against my lips.

© 2020 Emma Calder

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